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We offer a variety of services for all of your insurance needs. 

Classic Car Insurance

Whether it's modified, limited edition, classic trucks, vintage motorcycles, exotics and even military vehicles we have you covered. If the car isn't your primary vehicle and you only use it for weekend drives, car shows, and other similar events, then you need one of our specialized policies.

While sleek and elegant, your collector car may not meet today's safety standards and pose too big a risk to insure under a standard car policy. Even if your classic stays in the garage and is never driven, there's still the risk of fire, theft or an accident, which likely aren't covered by home insurance. Luckily, a classic car policy can provide a range of coverages and top replacement value, to seal all those gaps.

Drivers in every state are required to have auto liability insurance. Car insurance liability requirements in Texas include a minimum amount for bodily injury costs per person and per accident as well as a minimum for property damage liability. If you cause an accident, liability coverage pays those costs, up to the limits set for your policy.

In addition to required liability coverage, you may also want collision coverage to protect your investment in your vehicle. Depending on your specific needs, you may also want comprehensive coverage. Together, collision and comprehensive can provide protection for everything from accidents to theft and vandalism.


The insurance protection you need when you’re on the road:


Car Insurance

  • Classic and Antique cars

  • Modified cars and trucks

  • Vintage Military Vehicles

Commercial Insurance

When it comes to your business, there's a lot at stake — from the products and services you offer, to the tools that make it all possible. But when it comes to financial protection for your venture, there's much more to consider. That's why the right business insurance policy can play a vital role in its success.

Commercial General Liability (CGL) Insurance

If a lawsuit is brought against you because of an accident, bodily injury, or property damage that arises from business operations, at or away from your premises, CGL may step in to help cover the related expenses.

Professional Liability or Error and Omissions (E&O) Insurance

If a lawsuit is brought against you because of an accident, bodily injury, or property damage that arises from business operations, at or away from your premises, CGL may step in to help cover the related expenses.

Business Owners Policy (BOP)

A BOP is a package product covering many of the common risk associated with doing business, which may include coverage for property, business interruptions, liability and more.

Trucking Insurance

Whether you are an entrepreneur with one commercial truck or a fleet of trucks, you need commercial truck insurance. We can tailor a policy to minimize your risks. Perhaps you have drivers' who make deliveries, or you have trained and certified commercial truck drivers' who drive tractor trailers' and deliver freight cross-country.

  •  Long-haul trucking

  •  Local & Intermediate Radius Trucking

  • Owner/Operator & Non-Fleet Trucking

  • Fleet Trucking

  • Business/Commercial Auto

  • Public Auto - Limos, Buses, Vans, Shuttles

  • Commercial truck liability insurance:                                           Covers your liability risks in the event that you or one of your employed drivers causes an accident. Your commercial truck liability will include bodily injury liability to cover the costs of injuries and medical expenses for the injured party, and property damage liability to cover the costs of property damage in an accident. Your commercial truck liability insurance will typically also cover the costs of legal defense, whether or not your company is found to be at fault in an accident.

  • Physical damage coverage:    Covers the costs of damage to your vehicle from an accident or other incident. This coverage includes both collision coverage to pay for damage from a crash and comprehensive coverage to pay for damage from theft, vandalism and "other than collision” causes.

  • Uninsured/underinsurance motorists coverage:                    Covers the costs of injuries and damages if you or one of your employees is in an accident where another driver is at fault, but that driver does not have adequate coverage to pay for your injuries and property damage.

  • Truck cargo coverage:                 Covers damage or theft of items your truck is hauling.

Recreational Insurance

While your homeowners policy might give you basic liability coverage fully protect all your recreational vehicles.  We can tailor a policy to include all the applicable coverages such as liability insurance, collision, comprehensive, and uninsured/underinsured rider coverage. You can even add coverage to insure any custom accessories that help give your toys that personal flair


Off-Road Vehicles:

 Adventure is just around the corner. Let us properly insure your snowmobile, dirt bike, dune buggy, golf cart, or ATV. Contact us to learn about comprehensive and optional Off-Road Vehicle insurance coverage.

Travel Trailers: Your everyday car insurance does not offer comprehensive protection for your Travel Trailer. Speak to an LJ United agent to customize the right insurance coverage for your Travel Trailer.

Motor Home And RVs:

Protect your home away from home. Motor Home insurance offers you comprehensive and optional coverage options.

5th Wheels:

Your 5th Wheel will not be properly covered unless you purchase insurance specifically designed for it--not just auto coverage for RVs. Contact us for a personalized quote for 5th Wheel insurance coverage.

Boat Insurance:

 If your boat is 50 feet or less in length, learn about the comprehensive and optional Boat insurance coverage offered by LJ United. Then speak to an agent and together design coverage for your vessel.

Personal Watercraft:

Jet Ski, Wave Runner, or Sea Doo is great fun, yet it also carries its own sets of risks. Contact LJ United so we can help minimize those risks with Personal Watercraft insurance coverage.

Contractor bonds in Texas are put in place to ensure that principals (contractors) complete construction work in accordance with the laws of the city/state. Business insurance is used to protect business assets in the event of a lawsuit, settlement or business interruption due to illness or sudden change in ownership. In most cases, bonding a business is also necessary to protect business assets and maintain an honest relationship between business owner and customer. This includes adhering to all building codes, paying all taxes that become due and more.

Bond Insurance

Builders’ Risk Insurance:                        

 A policy written and designed specifically to protect and insure a building which is proposed for, or presently under construction. It may cover any structure and/or materials on the insured building site, some materials on site waiting to be installed or transported to said site. Most builder risk insurance will have an agreed upon coverage limit assessed by the projected value, or construction budget, of the project, including but not limited to, building, materials, equipment, and labor costs needed to build the proposed construction

Equipment Breakdown Insurance: A supplemental coverage that protects business property, other property losses, and legal fees that may result from malfunctions of business equipment.

Bonding Insurance Available:

  • Contractor surety bonds

  • Commercial surety bonds

  • Court surety bonds

  • Fidelity bonds

  • License and permit bonds

Home & Renters Insurance

Home is where your heart is. In a world of uncertainty rest easy knowing that a policy from LJ United has you covered. Accidents and injuries can and do occur. Never run the risk of having to replace your valuables, or even your entire house, getting home insurance is a smart investment. Home insurance covers you against these main risks.

Damage to the home itself: Homeowners insurance can help repair your house and freestanding structures (garage, tool shed, etc.) if damaged by things like lightning, tornadoes, hail, vandalism, vehicles, or fire. It can also help pay to relocate you during repairs.

Property theft and damage: If your stuff is stolen in a home burglary or damaged in a fire, homeowners insurance can help reimburse you for the cost to replace it. In some cases, this coverage applies away from home, too (say, if your laptop is stolen from your car).

Personal liability: If guests are injured at your place, your policy could help protect you from paying their medical bills out of pocket. It can also help cover accidental injuries you cause away from home.

An LJ United Homeowners Insurance Policy will cover the following:

  • The structure of your home

  •  Replacement costs

  •  Personal possessions (up to a set limit)

  • Living expenses in case of a disaster

  • Liability

You can also add supplemental policies such as:

  •  Valuable Articles/Floater policies (i.e. Jewelry Insurance)

  •  Flood policies

  •  Umbrella policies (additional liability)

Additional coverage services available:

  • Renters Insurance

  • Landlord Insurance

  • Vacant Property Insurance

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